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The World Within     What laughingstock be done with medicine straightaway is truly astounding. In proficient a little over a century, we have gone from crude, anaesthetized functioning with non-sterilized instruments to the ability to delicately rebuild a hand or ring road a major artery with little risk to the patient and without withal leaving a large scar. These great heights to which we have ascended ar based upon a material body of breakthroughs in sanitation and sterilization, antibiotics, and any number of other small discoveries that make possible todays op termtional room but by far the intimately powerful and advanced advances have been made in the field of human vision.     For over xvi hundred years, the edicts and guidelines of the Catholic Church forbade the exploration of the human body. This sad carry of affairs effectively limited our knowledge of the body to studies per figure outed upon stolen cadavers and t he rather outside classical-era studies of Galen. Even when the ban upon anatomical study was lifted, by the end of the nineteenth century we had still progressed no further than an understanding of the basic number as observed by dissection. Then, in the last five years of the nineteenth century, two important discoveries ushered in a new era in medicine Roentgens discovery of roentgen rays in 1895 and Bequerels discovery of Uranium rays nuclear radiation in 1896. These forms of electromagnetic radiation, and their derivatives, form the basis of todays most prevalent and important imaging applied science X-rays, Computed Tomography (CT), and nuclear medicine.     At its most basic level, x-ray technology works by using a high-voltage circulating(prenominal) to generate a burst of x-rays (high-frequency electromagnetic radiation), which are then center and directed through the human body. Certain materials, such as fig out and cartilage, absorb more of the radiation than other tissues, which arrive ats a shadow in the x-ray beam that is recorded on a special cassette containing photographic film, situated on the other side of the patient. Upon discipline of the film, the image of the fancy up structure (and some other tissue) can be studied to appoint any apparent pathologies (Wolbarst 33). Today, this technology is wildly popular almost everyone has had at least one x-ray during his life. However, the two-dimensional nature of an x-ray does create some limitations in its usefulness but a further development of this technology has eliminated these.     Computerized Tomography, invented in 1963, is essentially a development of x-ray technology that allows a physician to observe highly detailed slices of the human body, and today is highly reliable, non-invasive, painless, quick, and available on an urgent, 24 hour-a-day basis at most hospitals (Kelly 50).

My Philosophy of Education :: Educating Education Essays

My philosophical system of EducationEducation today has changed drastically from schools in the past. One standard is computers. Everyone is using computers in everyday life now, and it seems like teachers have to manage with that. Kids can go steady so much off the Internet that they ar becoming smarter. Our kindergarten classes that we took look like the preschools of the present. The children today have to go to preschool to be well prep bed for kindergarten. Kids are even more knowledgeable than we are when it comes to computers. Like many other educators, I would like to make a difference by giving my students a chance to express their talents and perchance I provide learn something from them at the like time. My teaching methods will relate to more up to date techniques.I would like to do something different, take a little of each philosophers beliefs, and credit my protest educational philosophies. I chequer with Socrates belief that students should use good public opinion in all their actions. I know elementary students are non going to be aware of good judgement entirely, but they should be taught through environment and experiences like Foucault. Foucault conceptualizes everything is determined by experience in what kind of life you will have and I do agree that experiences shape people into what they become later in life. The school system, teachers, and their chum classmates are also part of students environment. The child has this chance to learn about their society, but it is up to the child to use their judgments in a positive way. I agree with Sophists description of students. I opine that everyone has the ability to learn. However, through my experience, I have learned that some students learn differently than others. I know that learning comes harder for some, but each individualistic has the capability to learn depending on how badly that individual wants an education. At the same time, I believe the child h as interest in learning and that is what should be taught, like Rousseau said. I know that sometimes it is not easy however, as a teacher I want my students to desire to learn. I believe getting students involved is important. Knowledge varies at different levels of education.

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Three Theories of Cognitive Development

Three Theories of Cognitive Development The Swiss psychologist and philosopher Jean Piaget (1896-1980) is well-known for his run towards the cognitive sciences. Arguably integrity of his more or less important contributions involves his theory of cognitive breeding. In this theory, thinking progresses through quartette distinct stratums amidst infancy and adulthood. Similar in scope to Piagets theory is In pull ination Processing, in which human thinking is based on both mental hardwargon and mental softw atomic number 18 (Kail, Cavanaugh). A nett theory on cognitive organic evolution was established by the Russian psychologist Lev Vygotsky (1896-1934).Vygotsky proposed that evolution is a collaborative effort between babe and partner. spot these three theories attempt to explain a similar topic in different manners, separately brook be considered an important aspect to cognitive development in infancy and early childhood. Through analyzing and comparing these theories, scientists argon able to better realize how child development occurs and the process it get bys in creating a functional human being. Piagets scheme Children atomic number 18 of course curious this is the claim Piaget proposed when explaining that children of all ages create theories about how the world or sowhat them works.They accomplish this through the use of schemes, referring to mental structures that organize cultivation and perplex style. Infants group objects based on the actions they bum perform on them. subsequently in development, schemes become based on functional or conceptual relationships, not action. This means that schemes of related objects, events, and ideas are present throughout development (Kail, Cavanaugh). Schemes change constantly, holding to childrens experiences. Intellectual adaptation involves two key processes that work together assimilation and accommodation.Assimilation is the process of taking in new information into previously existing schemes. Accommodation involves altering existing schemes in easygoing of new information. Assimilation and accommodation are usually in equilibrium. but when disequilibrium occurs, children reorganize their schemes to return to a state of equilibrium, a process Piaget called equilibration. harmonise to Piaget, revolutionary changes in thought occur three times oer the life span, which are divided into four stages. Sensorimotor period (0-2 years) Infants adapt and explore their environment. Reflexes are first modified by experience.At 8 months, well-educated behavior occurs. in brief, infants become active experimenters, and repeat actions with different objects for the purpose of seeing what will happen. An important aspect of the first stage is object permanence- the arrangement that objects exist even if they cannot be seen. Not until at about 18 months do infants wealthy person a full understanding of object permanence. Soon after, the onset of symbols, including words and gestures, become apparent. Preoperational thinking (2-7 years) Children do not understand others different ideas and emotions (egocentrism). They also capture trouble focusing on binary features.A child in the preoperational stage has a narrowly focused sheath of thought (a term Piaget called centration). For precedent, in what is known as a conservation problem, children tend to focus on only one aspect of the problem. In conservation of length, they concentrate on the fact that, after the transformation, the end of one stick is farther to the right than the end of the other, when in fact each stick is similar in length. Concrete operational period (7-11 years) This stage is characterized by the appropriate use of logic. A child is able to fork objects according to its size, shape, etc. as well, children will now take into account multiple aspects of a problem. For example, a child will no longer perceive a wide and short cup to contain more liquid than a normal, tall cup . Egocentrism begins to disappear the child can now emplacement things from anothers perspective (even though that person may be wrong). Formal operational period (11 years and up) Individuals move beyond cover experiences and begin to think more abstractly, reason logically, and draw conclusions from information available. Also changing is the way an adolescent thinks about social matters.The future is starting line to be thought of in relation to what he or she can become. Information Processing In this view, human thinking is based on mental hardware (allows the mind to operate) and mental software (basis for performing peculiar(a) tasks). There are several different aspects to this theory. Learning and cognitive development can happen through habituation, classical and operant conditioning, and imitation. Habituation is the debased response to a stimulus as it becomes more familiar. Constantly responding to insignificant stimuli is wasteful, so habituation keeps infants fr om devoting too much energy to non-important events.In classical conditioning, a stimulus elicits a response that was originally produced by another stimulus. No new behaviors are agreeed, but an association is developed (Huitt, W. and Hummel, J). For example, a toddler may frown when he hears water running in the seat because he realizes that it is time for a bath. Operant conditioning emphasizes reward and punishment. This helps children form expectations about what will happen in their environment. Imitation is important in older children and adolescents. This process entails a watch and learn kind of approach.A son can learn how to play basketball by watching a professional athlete, and an infant may imitate an adult waving her palpate back and forth. A special kind of memory, autobiographical memory, emerges in the preschool years. These are memories of significant events and experiences in ones own life. Infants have prefatory memory skills that enable them to remember pa st events. In addition to these skills are the language skills and sense of self obtained during the preschool years. Vygotskys Theory Lev Vygotsky incorporated the affair that society and culture have on an individual throughout cognitive development.According to Vygostky, children rarely grow cognitively by themselves they learn and progress when they have others by their side. This is contrasting to Piagets theory and Information Processing, where the individual growth takes place mostly alone. In his theory, Vygotsky developed the idea of the zone of proximal development. This refers to the zone between the level of implementation a child can achieve when working independently and a higher level of performance that is possible when working under the management of more skilled adults or peers.This follows the idea that cognition develops first in a social tantrum and slowly comes under the childs control. A factor that acquired immune deficiency syndrome this shift is known as scaffolding. This is a style of teaching in which the teacher decides the amount of assistance given to match what the child in truth needs. Scaffolding is based off the premise that children do not learn readily when they are constantly told what to do or when they are left field to struggle through a problem. Finally, Vygotsky viewed private speech as an mean(a) step toward self-regulation of cognitive skills. Private speech can be defined as comments that are not intended for anyone else but the child to hear, and are designed to help children regulate their behavior. This theory holds that cognitive development is not characterized as a solitary undertaking, but a collaboration between expert and novice. Compare and Contrast All of these theories attempt to measure the biological and psychological changes apparent in child development. They tincture to categorize special behaviors, and associate them with current stages in growth. However, each theory is different in that it looks for different behavior patterns.Also, Piagets Theory and the Information Processing Theory can be grouped together due to the fact that they look at a child as an independent being, not cognitively dependent on its environment. However, Vygotsky views a childs development as being reliable upon its surroundings (e. g. its peers, parents, teachers etc). Disputes These three theories are just that theories. none of them have been scientifically raisen and accepted by all scientists. Instead, they have formed the basis by which we conduct study and research of cognitive development today.Theories will always be open to criticism and review, and Piagets theory has specifically been scrutinized by scientists and researchers. Some believe that Piaget underestimated the cognitive competency in infants and young children. A main theme of modern child development is that of an extremely competent infant. Also, many scientists have found that authorized components of Piagets theor y are not testable. For example, accommodation and assimilation prove to be too vague to test scientifically. In Vygoskys Theory, some critics point out the overemphasizing of the role of language.Also, his emphasis on collaboration and guidance has potential pitfalls if facilitators are too helpful in some cases. An example of that would be an overbearing and controlling parent. Criticism is not meant to diminish the greatness of these theories, but to foster more research in the field of cognitive development and improve our understanding of how children grow. Conclusion These three theories of cognitive development are meant to measure something that is physically not able to be measured. They take a look at how children behave, and attempt to classify each behavior accordingly.

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Organizational Learning: Creating, Retaining and Transferring Knowledge Essay

organisational eruditenessIntroduction            The modern corporate world is dynamic receivable to the ever changing course environment globally. To maintain the relevance and competency of firms in this conditions, faceal learning becomes handy and helpful for sustainability(Argote, 2011). Learning in organizations is the development of the labor force to upgrade their skills to match with the forms in business operations. It is a continuous process since change happens as times and seasons change. Therefore, organization learning is an important aspect for any business to thrive in the modern times.            Organizational learning improves the competencies of individual employees. They acquire new skills and cognition on tackling contemporary issues in business(Beitler, 2012). This makes the employees able to tackle business activities with self-reliance ascribable to their enhanced professionalism.            Learning is also important because it leads to dynamic leaders in the organization. The management is able to lead with inspiration for positive change in the company. This leads to improved management-employee relationships by enhancing learning and flow of important breeding across the organization.            Continuous learning encourages team building in firms since the employees face the importance of everyones contribution towards the achievement of the companys goals. Employees are trained to perform other roles apart from their assigned ones. In the way out of absence, another employ can stand for the absent one and wherefore teamwork(Argote, 2011).            Learning and change have a great impact on employees of a given organization. Learning enhances working relationships between employees of different departments who mix in during the training sessions. Change helps individual to navigate the hierarchy of the organization(Beitler, 2012). When one employee is promoted due to advanced skills, another person gets promoted to take up his position and so a positive impact on one another.ReferencesArgote, L. (2011). Organizational Learning Creating, Retaining and Transferring Knowledge. New York Springer Publishing Corporation .Beitler, M. (2012). The Fifth Discipline The subterfuge & Practice of The Learning Organization. Chicago Doubleday Publishers Ltd.Source document

Classifying Humans into Absolute Categories Essay

There argon three basic counsellings in which state have tried to classify people to real biological differences, instead of cultural differences, in the past. The first is the typological model. This model classifies people into geographical groups, on selected common characters. The second model is the populational model, which classifies people on the basis of exclusive mating with each other, over a hanker period of time. The last model is the clinical model.This model looks at the inherited characteristics of a group, which change over time and is different from the changes in other geographic areas the distribution of these characteristics (Ellison & Goodman). each(prenominal) three models give away to do the job. The typological model is erroneous because of the fact that some racial characteristics are found in different groups. The populational model fails because of the fact that people do not limit their breeding to weensy areas.The clinical model is undermined by the fact that some human groups migrate and the therefore discontinuity of the typical characteristic, and by the fact that there are not so many small communities left on the world anymore. Scientists now agree on this, they construe that classifying humans, based on any specific model, would be arbitrary. Scientists now dear use the classifications as a tool to organize the data.The number of racial groups that are discovered depend on the number of characteristics seeked. Therefore, all research methods are relative, and the classifications change when the sets of characteristics (or the research topic) change. Biological anthropology describes the nature of human variations finished focusing on the biological aspects. This researches the human as biological organism, the deportment of primates and the human evolution.The most important research is done with research of the genetic patterns and the connections between different populations over the whole world. Anthropolog ists washbowl also compare historic gene material with modern ones. All these techniques might contribute to a definitive evidence of our origin and the way people populated the earth. References Ellison,G. & A. H. Goodman. The Nature of Differences. Science, Society and Human Biology. Boca Raton, FL, CRC Press, 2006.

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Chapter 7 Notes: Auditing and Assurance Services

Chapter 7 Overall Audit Approach for the tax income and appeal Cycle * Audit stake- the jeopardy that size upors will issue and unqualified scene on financial statements that contain a material misstatement * Inherent run a risk and harbor risk * 3 step approach for analyse risk model * Set audit risk at desired levels * esteem risk of material misstatement Determine spyion risk based on the level of audit risk and risk of material misstatement * The components of the audit risk model atomic number 18 assessed on an assertion-by-assertion basis * This assessment recognizes that certain assertions capture an increased level of importance and atomic number 18 of more interest to auditors than a nonher(prenominal)s * man assertions is as yettful in the audit or A/R and the circumstance is crucial for gross gross revenue * If the audit team estimates that obligate risk is under maximum they need to set test of controls to confirm that the control activities ar gon operating effectively and that the auditors initial strategy is sound LO1 Inherent risk of exposure in the Revenue and aggregation Cycle Revenue Recognition Revenue Recognition- recording revenues in the entities To be recognized revenues essential be recognise or realizable or earned * Revenue earning activities involve delivering or producing goods, rendering services, or performing other activities that constitute its ongoing major(ip) or central operations, and revenues are considered to beat been earned when the entity has substantially set up what it must do to be entitled to the benefits represented by the revenues * every criteria must be met for revenue to be realizes, realizable, or earned * cogent distinguish of an arrangement exists * Delivery has occurred or services start out a bun in the oven been rendered * The vendors harm to the buyer is fixed or determinable * Collectability is jolly interpretd Collectability of A/R In most companies, a portion o f deemancys collect will non be paid. GAAP requires clients to tin and estimation of uncollectable amounts and provide and allowance for it.Estimation of allowance for doubtful accounts jackpot be subjective and unvoiced for the client and the auditor. A reason for difficulty can be changing economic conditions. guest Returns and Allowances Sometime clients have the right to return loose or unsold merchandise. An appropriate e valuation of revenue can be performed when these agreements are in the purchase contract and disclosed to the auditor. Clients whitethorn enclose into informal right of return agreements with customers unknown to the auditors. Liabilities for known return, warranties, and other voltage obligations are lots very difficult to estimate. Companies with new products or technologies have an even higher inherent risk in these areas.LO2 Revenue and Collection Cycle Typical Activities Basic activities in the revenue and collection daily round are 1. Rece iving and processing customer sanctifys 2. Delivering goods and services to customers 3. Billing customers and account for A/R 4. Collecting and depositing specie received from customers Entity Level picture It is important that auditors consider the entity-level controls in all processes and procedures. In the revenue process, management should have a process for continually follow-uping revenue and comparing it to the budgets and forecasts. Management should continuously scrutinize total write-offs of A/R, merchandise returns, and the timeliness of collections.Physical control everyplace inventory and warehouses must include entity level control such as id badges and restricting access to facilities. Receiving and Processing Customer set ups, Including Credit Granting * Customers can open up cut-rate sales agreements by mailing P/Os, call or fax , emails, websites or go to the phycial locations. * It is important that faith sales are authorized to ensure that the custome r will be able to conduct for the good or services * Access to master file for additions, deletions, and other transforms must be limited to responsible people * If these controls fail, orders might be processed for fictitious customers, credit might be approves for bad credit risks, and merchant vessels documents might be created for goods that do not exists in the inventory. Customer orders, transferral documents, and invoices should be in prenumbered sequence so the form can point the sequence and determine whether whatever transaction have not be preserve or have been duplicated Delivering Goods and Services to Customers Physical keep of inventory -> storeroom or warehouse -> transferred to shipping department upon authorizations of the shipping order that permits the inventory clerk to release good to the shipping department. ripe authorization is important. Employees that perform each step to should transfer documents making them accountable. This prevents employ ees from misappropriating the goods or shipping product to friends without billing them. A bill of lading is a form that the carried signs to verify the goods shipped.A packing slip describes the good cosmos shipped is often included with the shipment Billing customers and Accounting for A/R When oral communication or shipment is complete, the system finishes the transaction by filing a shipment record and preparing a final invoice for the customer. A sales invoice is the bill sent to the customer that indicates the amount due. People who have the power to enter or alter these transactions or change the invoice before it is mailed to the customer should not have any authorization, hands, or recording responsibilities. There should also be physical trade protection of the files. file cabinets that are lost or destroyed are unlikely accounts to be collected. With that said the records are assets.Audit Evidence in Management Reports and Data File Computerized processing of revenue and cash receipts transaction enables management to stupefy several reports that can provide important audit evidence. Pending Order eclipse File- sales transactions that were initiated exactly not yet spotless or recorded as sales. May represent shipments that were made but not recorded in the sales ledger or could not be matched to a customer order. Credit Check Files- Computerized system may male automatic credit checks, but up to date keep of the credit learning is very important. A sample of the credit check file can be tested for current status.Price List Master File- Computers system may produce customer invoices automatically but if the price list master is incorrect the billings will be incorrect gross revenue Detail (journal) File- the detailed sales entries, including the shipping references and dates, should be in the sales detail (journal) file Sales Analysis Reports- Sales that are sort by product lines provide required information for the business instalment disclosures A/R Listing and Aging- The A/R listing of customers balances is the unquestionable a/r Cash Receipts Listing- The cash receipts journal contains all the detail entries for cash deposits and credits to various accounts Customer Statements- likely the best control all over whether cash is received and recorded is the customer LO3 Control risk of infection Assessment Control risk assessment is important because it governs the personality, timing, and extent of substantive procedures that will be applied in the audit of account balances in the revenue and collection cycle.Balances include Cash in bank, A/R, Allowance for doubtful accounts, Bad Debts, Sales revenue Control Considerations Control for straight-laced separation of responsibilities should be in place and operating. It involves contrasting people and different departments performing the sales and credit authorization custody of good and cash and record keeping for sales, receivables, inventory, and cash re ceipts. The following control activities should be in place to prevent and detect errors 1. No sale order should be entered w/o a customer order 2. A credit check code or manual tactual sensation should be recorded for authorization 3. Pending order flies should be reviewed frequently to avoid failure to bill and record shipments Test of ControlsAn plaque should have control activities in place and operating to prevent, detect, and correct accounting errors. hearers can perform tests of controls to determine whether company personnel are aright performing controls that are said to be in place. If personnel in the organization are not performing their control activities effectively, auditors need to invention substantive procedures to try to detect whether control failures have produced materially misstated account balance. Dual testing involves selecting samples to obtain evidence about control over completeness in one direction and control over occurrence in the other directio n.Completeness is whether all transactions that occurred were recorded and the occurrence direction determines whether recorded transactions represent valid economic events. Summary Control Risk Assessment Auditors must evaluate the evidence obtained from an understanding of internal control and from tests of controls. The initial process of obtaining an understanding of the companys control and the subsequent process of obtaining evidence from test of controls are two phases of control risk assessment. It control risk is assessed to be very low, the substantive procedures on the account balances can be reduced. It the test of controls reveal weakness, the substantive procedures need to be designed to lower the risk of failing to detect material misstatement in the account balances.LO4 Substantive Procedures in the Revenue and Collection Cycle When considering assertions and obtaining evidence about A/R and other assets, auditors must emphasize the cosmea assertion. It is importan t because companies and auditors have found themselves in malpractice lawsuits by issuing unqualified reports on F/S that have overstated assets and revenues. Company asserts populace by putting assets on B/S Analytical Procedures During an audit, a variety of analytical comparisons might be employed, depending on the circumstances and the nature of the business. Comparisons of asset and revenue balances with recent history might help detect overstatements. Account interrelationships can be used in analytical procedures.A/R write-offs should be compared w/ estimates of doubtful accounts Confirmation of Accounts and Notes Receivable The use of tabs for A/R is considered a required audit procedure by audit standards. If auditors choose not to use them they should document justification. A positive check mark asks the customers to respond whether the balance is correct or incorrect. A variation of a positive stay is a blank form. A blank confirmation doesnt contain the balance cust omers fill it in themselves. Negative confirmation asks for a response only if something is wrong with the balance. Lack of response to interdict confirmation is considered evidence that the account is fairly stated.Negative form is used generally when the risk of material misstatement is considered low. Alternative Procedures Often clients customers are not willing or able to return the confirmation. They may not be able if, they are on a voucher system that lists payables by invoice instead of by vendor account. If this happens auditors have to perform alternative procedures to ensure existence. This includes examining 1. subsequent cash receipts (this is often performed even when customer has confirmed the account) 2. Sales orders, invoices, shipping documents 3. Correspondence files for past due accounts Review for Collectability Primary evidence earned from the confirmations relates to existence.The audit team must review accounts for collectability and determine the adequac y of the allowance for doubtful accounts in support of the valuation assertion. To do this, auditors review subsequent cash receipts from the customer, discuss gratis(predicate) accounts with the credit manager, and examine the credit files. Credit files should contain the customers financial statements, credit reports, and correspondence between the client and the customer. Based on this evidence, the audit team estimates the likely amount of the nonpayment for the customer, which is included in the estimate of all allowance for doubtful accounts. Cutoff and Sales Returns Auditors must make sure that sales are recorded in the proper period.The employ sales cutoff test which are test that ensure that sales are recorded in the proper period, generally when they are shipped, and that the cost of the sales is recorded and removed from inventory. Procedures include tracing shipping documents before and after year-end to the sales journal to ensure the sale was recorded in the proper pe riod. Credit memos for returns after year-end are vouched to receiving reports. Any goods returned after year end that were sold during the year being audited should be deducted from sales. Rights and Obligations Companies may sell or factor (the actions to sell A/R to another party, the factor, at a discount from face value) to gain cash immediately.It is difficult to determine whether receivables have been sold b/c customers do not usually know that someone else actually owns their account. The cash goes to the original seller who passes it on to the factor. Inquiring of management and examining support for freehanded cash receipts is the best way to detect these transactions. Presentation and Disclosures The accounts in the revenue cycle require certain disclosures. These disclosures must ensure that the foundation and disclosure assertions of occurrence, rights and obligations, completeness, classification, accuracy and valuation, and understandability have been met. Receipt o f confirmation information by email or fax is becoming more common. Auditor may receive an oral response to confirmation.

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Differentiate Between Different Learning Styles

What is tick offing fashion- The unhomogeneous likeences and methods employed by learners in the process of learning. Every individual nourish different bearing and techniques of learning. Some people whitethorn find that they withstand a dominant style of learning, with far less social function of the otherwise styles. Others may find that they affair different styles in different circumstances. in that respect is no right mix. Nor are your styles fixed. You can bust ability in less dominant styles, as well as further develop styles that you al representy use well.So the better way to learn always depends on the person by finding his admit style of learning style. We book different kinds of learning styles. Differentiation between different learning styles- thither are three main types of learning styles auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. Most people learn crush through a combination of the three types of learning styles, provided everybody is different. Auditory Le arners Hear Auditory learners would rather listen to things being explained than read about them.Reciting information out loud and having music in the backcloth may be a common study method. Other noises may become a distraction resulting in a need for a relatively quiet place. Visual Learners See Visual learners learn best by looking at graphics, watching a demonstration, or reading. For them, its easy to look at charts and graphs, but they may have obstacle focusing while listening to an explanation. Kinesthetic Learners TouchKinesthetic learners process information best through a hands-on experience. Actually doing an activity can be the easiest way for them to learn. Sitting still while studying may be difficult, but writing things down makes it easier to understand. First is called visual in which we use and favor mostly pictures and spatial understanding, while second is Aural in which we prefer to listen sounds and music on order to learn something effectively.Third is ver bal, in this type of learning we use wordings and speeches. Fourth, Physical, in this type of learning we use a sense of touch and body language. Fifth is Logic, in which we prefer using reason and logic arguments. The sixth kind of learning style is social this is one of the common types of learning style in which we prefer to learn in groups. Lastly, Solitary is the last kind of learning style in which individuals work and study alone to learn in their own style. www. scibd. com

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Motivate or influence behavior Essay

Communication is defined by the text as the process by which information is exchanged and understood by devil or more people, usually with the intent to motivate or bring behavior.____ is necessary for chat to be considered two-way. FeedbackWhich of the following, in the chat process, has the responsibility to decipher the symbols and interpret the meaning of the message? Receiver____ and ____ are potential sources for communion errors, because knowledge, attitudes, and background fleck as filters. Decoding, encodingChannel richness refers to the occur of information that can be transmitted during a conference episode.Which communication channel would be closely successful to inform managers of impending company-wide layoff? opposite contactWhen an electronic mail system is installed as part of the communication system, what element of the communication process is changed? Channel____ does not focus on a single receiver, uses limited information cues, and does not permit feed back. BulletinsCompared to men, women tend touse their unique conversational style to show involvement.Which of the following is the most familiar and obvious flow of formal communication? Downward communication____ refers to messages designed to motivate employees to adopt the companys mission and heathenish values and to participate in special ceremonies. IndoctrinationMany organizations use proffer boxes, open door policies, and surveys to facilitate centralizedWhich of the following links employees in all directions, ranging from the president through middle management, support staff, and line employees? The grapevineWhat percent of the details passed through a grapevine is accurate? 70 to 90 percentAccording to the text, all of the following are ways managers can improve their writing skills EXCEPT Write lengthy explanations iodine of the most important things that a manager can do for the organization, consort to the text, is to create a climate of trust and openness.Man agers communication is _______-directed, in that it directs everyones attention toward the vision, values, and desired goals of the team or organization and influences people to act in a way to achieve the goals. purposeWhich of the following is the scoop advice for written communication that is highly important? Get a second gear opinionTo be effective communicators, managers shouldEncourage the use of multiple take of communication

The Rise and Fall of Worldcom

Shaghayegh Davari * Wan-Ting Shao * Ananya Chandra * Niteesh Chinta * Shraddha Rane * Swathi Punreddy The vacate and fall of WorldCom This case study WorldCom is a telecommunications company which was led by CEO, Bernard Ebbers, and chief financial officer, Scott Sullivan. In 1999, WorldCom was not meeting Wall Streets receipts and earnings expectations, and it appeared that the coming year would produce more bad news. The CFO argued for setting realistic targets. However, the CEO insisted that the company needed double material body growth, and pushed for aggressive targets.A great deal of focus was not putting on team work and cosmos a sacrosanct team pretender, which is said to excite been a strategy to reduce dissenting opinions, at long last trail the organization not to follow a groupthink attitude. There is moderate evidence to suggest appropriate review financial reporting controls were be reviewed independently and there was a lack of stringent monitoring of the intragroup control system and therefore the quality of the controls around the posting of ledger entries to the general ledger was identified as a weak control.The Bernie Ebbers and Scott Sullivan where the attracter of the company and set of their attractorships all over their followers which were the subordinates refer to their berth and is relied on three bases, coercing business drawing card, legitimate power, and knowledge power. Leadership powers can be habituate by themselves or combined so that the leader has maximum influence. The leader exit therefore need to think carefully near which power to drop which in this case was not used in a centering that at last resulted in decrease which was companys bankruptcy.Firstly, the main relevant theory in use by these managers for leading company was supreme power, they showed their ability to apply punishment to subordinates and it is originating from the managers position and controlling co-workers behavior by forcin g them to do whatever is not coming right to their believe. However, good leaders use authoritative power only when in the last sort since coercive power can performance in the short term. Coercive power relies on threaten and provide backfire badly if used as the only base for using influence.In this case, the employees were publicly berated and intimidated for questioning managers decisions and however information. Secondly, the legitimate power by the leaders is used to some finish in this case. It was written in co-workers minds that the leaders have right to instruct them and that they have an obligations to follow whatever instructions the leader are providing them and there is no need for whatever is not being provided to them.Legitimate power comes from the authority of the companys position which can necessitate certain behaviors of others. Ebbers indicated as personal charisma power which could be named as divine power and made the board of directors think that he kno ws the way and the answers and could nurture or guide them therefore, by producing passive board, rubber-stamped most of his recommendations. Finally, the managers in this case also relies on the information power.Information Management is an emerging field of operation that is concerned with information the infrastructure used to collect, store and deliver it and the organizational and social contexts in which it exists. But these two managers did not deploy the information power as a competitive tool because there was no efficient and effective deployment of the resources of the company. However, while you cant control anyone (except peradventure yourself), you can influence nearly everyone. This is the essence of true leadership.By this definition, Ebbers and Sullivan were great leaders in. One of the tactics influenced in this case involves actively applying legitimate and coercive power by even managers or subordinates usually form a group and tried to influence others by us ing threats of sanctions to force compliance, threaten, and apply punishment if the subordinates does not comply with the requests. Information control is simultaneously an influence for this case which is linked intimately with influence and power.The managers in this case hurl lots of information without telling any of their employees and limited subordinates to have admission price to valuable information and make them stay in dark about work issue. Assertive might be called vocal authority which was another(prenominal) influence. Using the managers positions of power and so as to despise and control the employees will cause a lot of problem and damage of respect over the long term.However, the employees from the WorldCom quoted events that they were denounced for asking about any decisions or asking for information. In this case the managers did not use organizational politics in cost of behavior of interest groups to use power to influence decision making. They both focused on the self-serving and organizationally non sanctioned nature of several(prenominal) behavior in organization. The most important tactic was developing strong allies and forming power coalitions, and associating with these two managers in their business.They consider threat forthcoming in organization settings, it seems quite reasonable to expect that people will find it advantageous to manage the impressions that others form of them, even in piazza which subordinates feel that the outcome is failing. In this case almost all the executives and faculty identified information as a political tool which is depending on the managers and it comes that the purpose of this tactic may be to burry or gloomy an important details the political actors of the company which were these two managers believe that could injury them, when the risk of withholding information is too great.

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Equal Rights in South Africa Essay

MissionEqual gentility is a movement of learners, parents, teachers and community members working for quality and equality in sec African education, through analysis and activism.Background20 years after Nelson Mandelas release from prison the education received by youth people in southbound Africa carcass vastly unequal. Despite attempts to pass by the system, class and race-linked inequalities remain entrenched. trailing was the foundation upon which inequality was fashioned during the years of apartheid, but unequal educational opportunities still remain amongst the greatest obstacles to equality, gravitas and freedom in todays South Africa.What is Equal reading?EE is a community and membership-based organisation. It advocates for quality and equality in the South African education system and engages in evidence-based activism for improving the nations schools. It is a leader in youth leadership development. EEs campaigns, based on detailed research and policy analysis, are aimed at achieving quality education for all.We promote the rights to equality and education, with the firm belief that these leave alone enable the scummy and working classes to an equal opportunity in life.Education is an end in itself. Also,education helps one to understand and demand the full realization of the rights enshrined in the Constitution. Led by young activists, EE seeks to improve the woeful quality of education in South Africa by working unitedly with communities, schools, teachers, principals, learners, parents, academics, researchers and the government. We build an understanding of the educational system, whilst drawing attention to problems faced by schools and their communities. Equipped with this knowledge, EE offers a new way for people to enter in the democratic system and bring change to education and society. story of Equal EducationThe organisation began in February 2008 by conducting research in schools in Khayelitsha (a working-class community in Cape Town, with a state of approximately 700,000 people, and 54 schools). Schools in Khayelitsha, like those in other poor communities, are under-resourced, under-staffed and overcrowded factors which have a significantly negative impact on academic performance. EE began with the aim of supporting the many hardworking teachers and inflexible learners within the community who are battling in difficult conditions.Today EE is known nationally, and has members active in most provinces. The Head Office remains in Khayelitsha, where it intends to stay. EE has active branches in Bonteheuwel, Khayelitsha and Kraaifontein. There is also firm campaigning taking place in Grahamstown, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Potchefstroom, Polokwane and Pretoria-Tshwane.Equal Educations most active members are called Equalisers. They are high school students in grades 8 to 12. Equalisers have a leading role in the activities of the organisation. They, along with parents, teachers, activists and com munity members, work with EE to improve schools in their communities, and they habilitate an example to their peers through their dedication to their own education.Major Campaigns to Date EE successfully campaigned for the Western Cape Education Department WCED to fix ergocalciferol broken windows at Luhlaza High School in Khayelitsha. EE has been assisting lay waste to Gwala High School in Khayelitha to have its leaking roof fixed. EE ran a ground-breaking campaign against late-coming in 8 Khayelitsha High Schools. In some schools (Esangweni, for example) workaday late-coming was reduced from over 100 learners per day to zero. This campaign also outflank into other parts of Cape Town and the Eastern Cape. EE is curtly running a major campaign for a National policy on School Libraries, and a campaign for Minimum Norms and Standards for School Infrastructure.

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How successfully does tourist industry in the Canaries add value? Essay

How success all-embracingy does tourist industry in the Canaries hyperkinetic syndrome value? To what extent is Maslows pecking order is apply to touch off supply in Souvenir castle?Souvenir Palace, a retail sales outlet confederation started in the social class 1991 by Jose Ignacio. They argon specialist sellers in Souvenirs. Apart from that, they clear also started to sell cig bettes, tobacco and electronics. This decision was interpreted a couple of age back when the comp any(prenominal) was making success in the market by opening their shop no. 5 in the last 12 months. straight off, they have more than 200 employees functional in the gild over different 40 department stores throughout the island of Gran Canaria which is located in Spain. Now in the future they argon thinking of selling perfumes as sanitary.One of the retail outlets of the Souvenir Palace company.The key factor behind the companys success has been the spacious amount of touristry industry that is located on the island. This been a capacious fact on the success of the record sale of the year that the company made (1.6 million 250 million pesetas)1 in the year 2000. Not only, tourism has suspensored the company grow, the motif strategies applied by Mr. Jose Ignacio has also helped them to gain a major market share than of their competitors. This competitive advantage of years has attached them a good brand image because of their excellent service and blood with customers.A major fact that approves that tourism has helped the company to grow is that in the first place the September 11 attacks, some people used to travel and bob up to this beautiful island. That was the time when the record sales were made. After the September 11 attacks, sales have fallen dramatically.2 They have had a 40% reducing since then.3 This has really affected them, which has destroyed their future plan of selling perfumes. Now they are thinking of applying other strategies of improving thei r sales and improving their achievement like they had before the September 11 attacks.Tourism was growing from the year 1995 till 2001, suddenly when those attacks occurred and there was a major decline in the tourism industry. This has affected the whole world. However, the company is still doing well, as Mr. Jose Ignacio tries to locomote their employees. Mr. Jose Ignacio believes in Maslows hierarchy of inescapably. He thinks that by referring to Maslows theory, you asshole motivate the employees better. First of all, he tries to provide them with the basic needs such as food and shelter.Then, he thinks of the further stages on the Maslows hierarchy of needs. These are Security needs. He does this by providing them with steadfast contracts, giving a good, friendly and healthy working condition. Then he would think of applaud needs. This is through by team working, as this would help all of the employees perish good colleagues having good relationship which could result to both, formal and informal discourse within the company. Finally, he would decide to go for the self-actualisation, this means that he gives his employees higher(prenominal) responsibility than they normally have and to praise them for their vocation well through as they could looking at good and also that the company needs them and they are a part of their organisation.However, there are limitations for promoting employees. These limitations are that not many people throw out be promoted, because the company doesnt need so many higher levels of staff, so not many people can be promoted. Also, not much responsibility could be given to any employee, because each employee has only a particular task.We can also see that the company is doing very well by making some unbiased comparisons between the different companies on the island. Reports order that souvenir Palace has take for grantede far better and kept ahead of the game.4 One charge to show this is that they have kept exp anding their business while others have been the same. Moreover, comparisons of rest sheets have been made by many business analysts on the island who have watchful their reports for the public interest.The other main factor that has been the key for the company has been the indigence strategies that have been applied by the CEO, Mr. Jose Ignacio. In the interview, he told me that, It has been five years now that I have been using the democratic leadership style, which has helped me to arrange close to my employees and to know them better5 Surely, this would help the employee to enjoy their get at this company better. Another type of motivation strategy they he applies are giving the employees fringe benefits. These fringe benefits could be discounts on the companys products, other non-monetary rewards such as small free products that are promoted by other companies for their sales, etc.Pay is not the only way to motivate the employees. One of the main ways in order to motivate the employees is just by praising them or by recognizing them for a job well done.6 This can make any employee feel better. Moreover, he has given his employees a job security by giving them permanent contracts. This means that employees know that they have a secured job. This is very important because brusque term contracts dominate the employment market on the Canary Isles as the local newspaper says Contratos a corto plazo es la causa de desempleo en nuestras islas.7Mr. Jose Ignacio believes in the Maslows hierarchy of needs. This hierarchy tells us that employees dont get satisfied neither by the basic needs of food and shelter nor by the security needs. They need to reach to their full potential, which is the self-actualisation. To do this one should delegate more responsibilities to their managers. This makes the managers feel that they are a part of the company and the company needs them. They will also feel that Mr. Jose Ignacio believes in them. This good belief in each ot her could help to build a strong relationship between the staff at the company.In conclusion, I think that the key factors behind the companys success have been the tourism in the island of Gran Canaria as well as the motivation strategies applied by Mr. Jose Ignacio. However, I think that the motivation factor dominates more than the tourism factor. This has been very noticeable after Mr. Jose Ignacio applied the Maslows hierarchy of needs. 1 taken from the companys balance sheets.2 Taken from articles of the magazine Newsweek.3 Made from the comparisons of the companys annual balance sheets.4 Reports from the business analysts on the island.5 Taken from the interview with Mr. Jose Ignacio.6 Taken from the interview with Mr. Jose Ignacio.7 From an article in the local newspaper, La Provincia.

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Change is a consistent issue for the modern organisation. Discuss the various ways in which the employee may offer effective resistance to this change.

cabbage Modern presidencys be compriseently inclined to organisational budge. mixed bag reflects business growth and re poses the demand of society. Hence, businesses often make deepens in uniformity with societal necessitates by concentrate on on the customer and marketing as opposed to focusing purely on production (The Times, 2012 1). Whilst diversity is often minted positively, this is non al expressive styles the case and transmute is sometimes protested by employees. This happens for a number of distinguish adequate to(p) reasons with superstar of the of import ones macrocosm surprise. Employees by and large dont appreciate transplants existence made unexpectedly as it appropriates them with a threatening sense of imbalance in the workplace (Kreitner, 2008 434). A lack of consciousness and a lack of skills atomic number 18 boost reasons why employees whitethorn want to resist salmagundi over and unless powerful training on channel is provided, employees entrust close belike view positive counter neuters prejudiciously (Kreitner, 2008 434). The conglomerate ways in which the employee whitethorn expand guard to limiting go out be discussed in this essay by analysing a range of instances and setworks that attend to establish the dominance of miscell both.IntroductionEmployee foe to convince freighter be undesir competent as it places an obstructer in the way of business becomement and organisational variegate. However, in that location are certain passel where employee resistance to limiting is viewed in a positive light. By resisting change and demonstrating their reasons for doing so, employees whitethorn actu in ally be encouraging change by crack alternating(a) solutions and options. As pointed out by de Jager the idea that allone who questions the impoverishment for change has an attitude problem is obviously amiss(p), not lonesome(prenominal) beca theatrical role it discounts past achie vements, further excessively because it makes us vulner suitable to indiscriminate and ill-advised change (de Jager, 2001 25). Therefore, whilst some may adopt employee resistance to change impudent and unfounded (Piderit, 2000 26), others may be postulate it to be very effective, very stringy and a very reclaimable endurance mechanism (de Jager, 2001 25). An employer may want to enliven organisational change that is inappropriate or wrong and just as conflict poop sometimes be apply constructively for change, legitimate resistance might carry active additional organizational change (Folger and Skarlicki, 1999 37).This essay volition point how employees tummy affirm legitimate resistance to change by suggesting alternative organisational change structures that go forth befriend to foster sustain skill and assist in business development. This provide be make by looking at dissimilar organisational change types and frameworks that go away provide employees wit h the ability to resist change by conjureing additional options, which they believe leave be in the best interests of the organisation. Employee resistance may lead to proposed change initiatives being revaluated by management who may indeed reach the close to appropriate change for the business, as recommended by the employee. The exhibit of change inside an organisation isnt just closely creating a change that individuals pass on be able to resist, but rather the enactment that will accommodate the change (Bridges, 1991 3). Unless passing occurs, it is unpotential that the change will be effective. It is therefore outstanding that employees are fitted of resisting change so that they asshole fling alternative solutions that may be ameliorate suited to organisational inescapably. Consequently, employee resistance to change is an classic contributor to implementing effective change at heart an organisation.Main Body Burke-Litwin moulding (1992) The Organisational shifting exhibit, essential by Burke and Litwin (1992 1), is one of the main frameworks that advise be use to implement change within an organisation. Employees butt end use this toughie to entreat resistance to change by brooking alternative solutions that would be give way suited to the organisation. Employees idler use this exemplification to show the discordant drivers of change by ranking them in terms of importance (Jex, 2002 442). The most important itemors are featured at the acme, with the note layers becoming progressively less important. By using this model, an employee will be able to demonstrate that all of the factors for change are interrelated and that a change in one factor will accept a change in all of the other factors. Organisations therefore bugger off to consider whether the impact a change will have upon the other factors will help the business to remain sustainable (Hertwich, 2006 10). As the external environment is at the top of the model , this is the main factor that is likely to regulate change. An employee groundwork resist change by offering an alternative solution that look ats into trace the enquires of the external environment (World military mission on Environment and Development, 2011 1).Porras and Robertsons Model (1992)Porras and Robertsons Model of Organisational lurch was true in 1992 to help individuals understand how to go on organisational change. This model is similar to the Burke-Litwin model in that it suggests that the external environment is the main influencer of organisational change. However, this model besides suggests that the objectives of the organisation are the main drivers of change and that organisational arrangement, physical backing, social factors and applied science all contribute to the changing environment of any organisation. In effect, an employee will be able to rely on this model to effectively resist change by signifying how the change is not in union with the overall objectives of the business. Instead they send word offer an alternative change solution that is much akin to the organisational arrangement and physical setting of the business as well as social factors and technology. A change push aside be offered that im founds the performance of the organisation, whilst in any case seek to advance individual development. Hence, as has been open up behaviour change is the key mediating unsettled in organisational change (Jex, 2002 444). If an employee green goddess demonstrate that individual behaviour will be modified in accordance with the needs of the external environment, organisational change will most likely occur. As this model focuses on individual behaviour, desired work behaviours will be better achieved, which will prompt the disposition of the organisation overall. This theory does not, however, focus on modern ways of persuasion and by and by fails to vary to take into invoice the changing environment.Lewins ma jor power palm AnalysisThe Force Field Analysis model, developed by Lewin in 1951 will help an employee to resist change by providing a framework which looks at the restraining factors (forces) to change. In this analysis, there are two different types of forces, which are forces for change ( movement forces) and forces against change (resisting forces). An employee can use the resisting forces to observe a particular proposition change from happening and use the crusade forces to offer an alternative change. These forces can help the employee to conciliate any problems that are likely to filch with change management by share the organisation to understand the effects a change will have upon the organisation. In demonstrating why a particular change should not take place, the employee will be call for to show that the restraining forces exceed the driving forces. If this can be ascertained then the organisation change should not take effect. If the employees want to propose a n alternative change, they will be undeniable to show that driving forces of the new proposed change exceed the restraining forces. If they can establish this, then the new change should take place as it would be considered beneficial to the organisation. This model is useful to frame a surgical operation of change as it is easy to understand, though it seems as though each stage could in fact be expanded so that individuals can understand the process of change a lot more than easily.Porters generic wine lever Chain Analysis The Value Chain Theory, developed by Michael Porter, helps organisations to descend whether changes to the structure of the organisation are required (Porter et al 2007 706). An employee can use this model to demonstrate how the organisation does not need the change it wants to resist. The employee can do this by analysing the activities of the organisation, and the salutes associated with them, to decide whether the proposed activity is utile or not. Th e respect chain activities lie down of primary and support activities. Whilst the primary activities consist of inbound logistics, trading operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales and service, the support activities consist of procurement, infrastructure, human mental imagery management and technological development (Porter et al 2007 706). The aim of reviewing these activities is to consider whether the customer can be offered a level of value that exceeds the costs of the activities, resulting in a profit. This will also depend upon whether the organisations activities can be performed efficiently. By using this concept, the employee will be able to demonstrate that the customer cannot be offered a level of value that exceeds the cost of the activities and that no profit can be obtained from the change as a result. This is an effective way an employee will be able to resist change as it provides the employee with the incur to demonstrate how the proposed change do es not have any profitable value. Nonetheless, it is likely to prove extremely difficult for an employee to implement this model due to the fact that employees will not have access to certain tuition about the organisation and the change.Change Analysis Process Because of how important it is for organisational changes to be correctly give wayd onwards they are implemented in show to minimise any associated risks, an employee could employ the change analysis process to deny the changes they give care to resist. Because an organisation needs to be able to adapt to change (Brier et al, 2011 1) the identification and codification of change scenarios is necessary for the change process to take effect. The process of change requires organisations to adapt to current situations, as opposed to the innovation of solutions (Brier et al, 2011 1). The change analysis process can therefore be used analyse the change by considering the impact the change is likely to have and then subseque ntly considering whether it should be approved or denied. In resisting change, employees can use this analysis process to put out front their reasons why the change ought to be denied. Whether an employer will take into deem the views of the employee is another matter and it seems as though the employee will still be required to overcome many obstacles when putting forward its views and opinions. genuineistic valuation Model The Realistic Evaluation Model could also be used to demonstrate the ineffectiveness of the proposed change. This will provide the employee with the ability to demonstrate the impact the change will have upon the organisation done proper evaluation. This model is suitable for employees to offer effective resistance to change as the evidence will be establish upon realistic ideas and concepts about the change. A proper assessment can then be made about the ineffectiveness of the change so that it can be resisted (Rycroft-Malone et al, 2010 38). This model is quite similar to Lewins Force Field Analysis in that it will enable the employee to review what is expected from the change, whilst also identifying any problems. The employee will also be able to put forward any associated risks with the change, which will most likely understand that their resistance is effective. This approach provides a useful framework for helping employees to develop explanations about why the change should be resisted, which it will then be able to present in a coherent way (Rycroft-Malone et al, 2010 38).Summary/ConclusionsGiven the impact organisational change has upon employees, it is unsurprising that resistance to change will often occur. Whilst such resistance to change can have a negative impact upon the organisation, it can also be considered positive on the basis that employees may be encouraging further change by offering alternative solutions and options. In resisting change employees may consequently be able to demonstrate alternative options for change, which may generate better ideas that are more suited to organisational needs. Not only do organisations need to be able to take the needs of its consumers, but they will also be required to satisfy the needs of their employees. This will not only promote the success of the business but it will also lead to economic growth. Employees need to be able to identify and develop change strategies which help to meet organisational objectives and prevent undesirable changes from being made. Any risks that are associated with change will be capable of being overcome by the betrothal of alternative change structures. In couch to effectively resist change, employees will thus be required to adopt various change management models and frameworks so that they can offer appropriate solutions to the proposed changes. Not only will this prevent undesirable changes from being implemented, but additional strategies will also be developed. In resisting change, employees will be able to demon strate that the possible risks associated with the particular change outweigh any benefits. in one case this can be established, it is unlikely that the organisation will implement the change and any alternative suggestions will most likely be welcomed. It is important that organisations listen to the views of employees as they may be able to offer solutions that are more applicable and better suited to the needs of the organisation.References Bridges, W. (1991). Managing transitions making the most of change. Reading, MA Wesley Publishing Company.Brier, J. Rapanotti, L. and Hall, J. G. (2011) Problem ground Analysis of Organisational Change A Real World Example, Online Available 18 noble-minded 2014.Burke, W. W. and Litwin, G. H. (1992) Transformational Change and Transactional Change. Explanation of the Casual Model of Organisational motion and Change, Online Available http// .html 18 August Jager, P. (2001). Resistance to change a new view of an centenarian problem. The Futurist, 24-27.Folger, R. &038 Skarlicki, D. (1999). Unfairness and resistance to change grimness as mistreatment, Journal of Organizational Change Management, 35-50.Jex, S. M. (2002) Organisational Psychology A Scientist-Practitioner Approach capital of the United Kingdom John Wiley &038 Sons.Kreitner, R. (2008) Principles of Management, capital of the United Kingdom Cengage Learning, 11th Edition, London Business &038 Economics.Lewin, K. (1951) Field Theory in Social Science, vernal York Harper and Row.Piderit, S.K. (2000). Rethinking resistance and recognizing ambivalence a multidimensional view of attitudes toward an organizational change. Academy of Management -794. A, 783.Porter, M. E., Marciano, S., and Warhurst, S. (2007) De Beers Addressing the New Competitiveness Challenges, Harvard Business School incase 0-706-501.The Times. (2012) The Organisation and Change, Ope rations Theory, Online Available http// 18 August 2014.Walonick, D. S. (1993) General Systems Theory, Online Available http// 18 August 2014.Wendell, F. and Bell, C. (1999) Organisation Development, New Jersey prentice Hall.

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Cultural Perspectives of the Country of Italy Essay

Italy has been a democratic re open since 1946 and it has a pot of about 58 million. It is surrounded by Tyrrhenian sea on the west and Adriatic Sea on the east. France, Austria argon many another(prenominal) of the countries that borderline Italy to the north. Italy is covered by sea and mountains spot Italy has a huge range of climates and e prowesshy features, ideal for mining, cultivation of crops, fish, livestock, and early(a) congenital resources, the major(ip)ity of raw stuffs its industries require argon imported .The dry land of Italy has g integrity through umpteen changes throughout its history and has been in the forefront of the European economic and judicatureal unification for a long conviction now. Though it has faced m any(prenominal) obstacles, it has thus far remained patriotic and keen for union. Culture and life-style of Italy Italians atomic number 18 warm and welcoming people, who roll in the hay relaxing, continue and socialize with fami ly and friends. Their celebrations and relaxations regularly run across around the table either at home enjoying their cuisines or out in a restaurant. One thing visitors in Italy notice right a instruction is the peoples openness and sociable nature.Italians decl are a love of life and enjoy lifes pleasure to the rightest (Winter & antiophthalmic factor Jermyn, 2003) Family is the guiding force and the focus for verity and this make the family in truth fundamental. Many families move a side a breachicular day to spend metre with separate relatives for a particular(prenominal) meal. The father is everlastingly regarded as the provider of all call for and interests and maintained his powers with firm orders. The m around other was seen as subordinate and had the right to be hear in family plans and meditated between the father and oft numerous children.The Italians family organize, nutriment, inhering costume, music, and piety all play a major role in creating a def inite horti gardening that allows them to convey their behaviors in the general customary as a whole. Italy is a rural in Hesperian Europe that is well(p) cognise for its intellectual nourishment and it is no accident that Italian readiness is so popular due to its well-situated flavor cuisine. Italians value home readying so often and especially their alimentary paste as their favorite cuisine. Italians remain the largest known European consumer of pasta and cereals.They need greatly eliminated such culprits as fats and animal proteins from their diets, as well as reduced their yearbook consumption of alcohol (Mure. N. S. , 2008). Italians value the way they dress and it is a priority to them their fertilization is normally rattling conservative for twain men and women. These dressing are forever accompanied with elegant accessories which compliments their costumes very well. Religion The papists pietismped many gods and goddesses onward Christianity gained a f irm grip on the Italians and thats when the Roman Catholic perform came into human beingsly concern and became the around powerful perform in Italy.Catholic is the major organized religion with a majority of 85 percent of the population and just about 20 percent assist worship service unless(prenominal) there I any ghostlike celebrations. The head of the church is the Pope who has full lawful, executive, and judicial powers and at the same time lives there. Their constitution allows for the freedom of religion and worship which is respected by the government. There has been a good relation among religions which has extremely contri thoed to un chiffonierny freedom.The history of the Roman Catholic church figureing is based as much on politics as it is on religion, and in some ways this holds true today. To offer the faithful, the catholic Bishops were confident to make their existence known among the ordinary people, and there were more(prenominal) urge to train more c lergy and build more churches. Though the mixture of religion with all the common fifty-fiftyts of life is anything yet an error yet I could not avoid regretting that like heathens ancestors, the modern Italian had supplied the betoken of one great hold in mover by a unmeasured host f inferior agents (Blunt 1823).The Vatican urban center is the head of the Catholic Church in the being that gave the region both whole stepual and temporal power and that makes majority of Italians Roman Catholics though very few of them attend mass regularly. Rome has the almost repair-looking art of architectural and the best antediluvian patriarch churches are situated there. Cultural Holidays and the celebrations Italians perpetually commit a reason to celebrate in, whether its an historical ex adenylic acidle, holiday, or other festival. Italy has a large number of public holidays during the year and some of these have a religious background.The way they celebrate their holidays is o ne of the greatest tourist attraction worldwide. every last(predicate) this festivals are invariably accompanied by their cuisine which is always an essential part of the celebration. Sacred holidays like Christmas, Easter and benediction Day usually have their special foods that have been practiced over the generations. selfsame(prenominal) applies to other holidays that have also unquestionable their own cuisine based on their tradition. These festivals are marked not only when with indulging in good food but also share with the less fortunate in the society.Compared to other countries in the world, Italians public holidays are celebrated with parades that burnish the country and display their patriotism. Economy of Italy During the years, Italys economy has extremely prospered in that the country is able to import raw material for the countries industrial sector which has encouraged persistence flexibility. An economic miracle has indeed occurred in bet on way Italy, man ifested by on of the highest increase judge in the world incessant in its advance for nearly 2 decades and unmatched in its vitality in any previous period in its industrial history(Hildebrand, 1965)Even though inflation has usually been a discover test for Italy, it has been able to bring it follow out to levels that can be managed. Italy has very forgetful to boast in agriculture but its economy has been highly lifted by the services and industrial sector which contributes the highest office of the economy. Growing family owned trading has been the grit of the economy and the northern part of the country concentrates with capitalistic economy, where the private sector companies scotch for the total productivity and profitability. Italy has the best world paintings which they exhibit and has been a good advance to the economy.Venice is a beautiful sight to behold. Anyone wanting(p) to linger in its romance, architecture and canals can uprise themselves immersed in Ven ice through the look of artist Marco Sassone (Mure. N. S. , 2008). Industrialization of modern Italy from it lineage until today, has been a classic case of even development. Italy has been known to be the largest producer of selected wines. peck are invited to the wine tasting event which has attracted many people around the populace just to come and enjoy the art of grape cultivation and processing of the wines. being a member of the European Union, Italy has interpreted an active role in European trade and has been the chief trade checkmate of majority of the European countries as well as America. Italy has the most favorable conditions for business investments and trading that has been able to attract many investors even though much of it is curbed by high levels of corruption and the mafias. Though since Italy altered to the economic and monetary union requirements, it has see very low inflation rates. Metals, render oil & railway equipment are fastest-growing Italian exports to U. S.while pharmaceutical preparations & precious metals lead American imports into Italy ( artisan 2007). oeuvre services have been customized recently and government has enacted a law that different organizations have to act as employment offices. close Italians work for low wages and without any social benefits and protections the most affected are women and the youth who experience higher rates of unemployment. This is going to create an aggressive way of life for the employment service and advocate to the public employment services to increase their effectualness and to create networks with private organizations.Italy has a very well-organized and modern infrastructure and it has failed to come up with subways and more railways to facilitate the movement of goods. time most goods in Italy are always transported by road, the upgrading and improvement of the systems is a major interest to the government. The government of Italy has began to address reform on the rail sector and has modernistic more quickly than many European countries (O. E. C. D. 2001). The railway system is also highly developed and this has made it the most pet way of travelling for its punctuality, comfort and inexpensive to all commuters.The countrys jar on the US It is generally normal these days for other countries to adapt to the American culture and the introduction of this western culture to Italy has been very pervasive. Italy and America enjoy a warm and friendly relationship because of their efforts to advertise terrorism. close to of the Italians have welcomed the American culture but despite all that they have been able to save their cuisine from the changes because they conceptualise that their foods are healthier than the fast foods. profuse food restaurants have gained the peak in Italy which was mostly a common place in America. Italians have also time-tested to change their dressing and fashion which is most fancied by the young generation. I taly holds the most famous fashion designers in the world but despite all they hushed go for the American fashions because their clothes are very expensive for every citizen to afford. or so Italians went to America to escape poverty and they believed they would find a better life for their families and other went to work in search of better jobs to get enough money to go back to Italy.The ones that submit were able to whole mix with the Americans and were able to change their heathen behaviours in a way some turned to criminals especially the mafias who decided to settle in America. There is so much to learn about Italy, their welcoming spirit and the wonderful and the architectural beauty of the country. The many musicians, the operas and even the painting are some of the things that make Italy a beautiful county. References Mure S. N (2008). Abbondanza Specifically for those with a Passion for Everything that is Italian p. 1 Winter K. J. & Jermyn L. (2003). Italy Cultures of the world, book 4 p.57 Hildebrand H. G. , (1965). Growth and structure in the economy of modern Italy, p. 3-4 Workman D. (2007). Top Italian Exports & Imports Most Popular Products Traded Between Italy & America. Retrieved celestial latitude 9, 2009 from http// international-trade-leaders. suite101. com Blunt J. J (1823). Vestiges of ancient politeness and customs, discoverable in modern Italy and Sicily p. 2 Kwintessential How Italian holidays are celebrated in Italy. Retrieved December 9, 2009 from http//www. kwintessential. co. uk Organisation for Economic Co-operation and nurture (2001). Regulatory reform in Italy, p. 31

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Pretty Flacko Nigga

The song touchy leaning by Tethering Knight is a verse form that takes place in a prison (or possibly somewhere else uniform a sporting event, a eat room, etc. But a prison fits the context better). The song is ab appear a dreary prisoner that comes back later being in the Hospital for the reprehensively Insane. The stings ar reminiscing on all the disquieted stuff intemperately totter use to do that they had always wished they could do. During gruelling rocks prison term at the Hospital he had a brain surgery In which they realize out part of his brain and fissure electricity through the rest.The verbaliser of the meter Is recalling all the s stairs of idle things clayey rocknroll used to do before he left and telling the listener how ofttimes of a bad john overweight Rock was. The speaker of the poem Is an Inmate at the prison maybe Hard Rocks cell mate, friend, or only soulfulness that knew about him. Who the speaker Is talking to Is unreadable thou gh. It Is most likely another Inmate, assuming that the setting is In a prison, un slight It Is not clear within the poem exactly who the auditor is. The situation of the poem and the whole reason why the speaker is even recalling all of these memories is because its been said that HardRock is cushy now. The word has it that Hard Rock is a shell of what he used to be and will just stand thither with a stupid smile on his font when tested. The old Hard Rock didnt take no sit from nobody save now the word going around is that the new Hard Rock has been tamed. The tone of this poem begins as inspired and close proud, like a little familiar talking about his cool honest-to-god brother. The speaker seems to stick a swarm of respect for Hard Rock. Hard Rock is a hero to the speaker because Hard Rock will act out situations that the speaker could only ever envisage of doing he was their destroyer.The tone quickly changes in line 27 to sad, almost nostalgic sounding. The inmates are reliving all of the crazy stuff he did before his surgery. The detail that he has been tamed now leaves the inmates rugged and heartsick. They no long-dated have psyche that will carry out the fantasies they envisage of doing, whether it be sticking up for the blacks when the tuck in block bully comes around or even beating up a guard. They want to convince themselves that it is all an act, Hard Rock Is a little crisp smarter now and is waiting for his opportunities, but they know in their hearts that Hard Rock is no longer the same guy wire he used to be.The theme of this poem Is about race and what problems black tidy sum faced In those times. The poem was produce in 1968- the same year that Martin Luther force Jar. Was assassinated. The poem Hard Rock could be a metaphor for timeline of events that go alonged In the offs. Martin Luther baron (Hard Rock) was one of, If not the most, prominent face of the civil rights movement. milk wouldnt settle for anything les s than what he wanted to see happen and nobody could stand In his way. If someone tried to stop him he would Just cargo hold trucking and fighting for his goal. In the poem,Hard Rock would pummel any and each body In his way, regardless of who they were, mistakable to how MILK would take out whoever stood in his way. The surgery Hard Rock goes to a lower place could be a metaphor for the assassination of MILK. Hard Rock is no longer what he used to be, he cigarette no longer kick ass and take names because he is physically unable to (MILK is physically unable to keep fighting because he is hopeless. They always dream of doing the things Hard Rock did but they odour incapable (the black population is floor and devastated by Milks death and feel hopeless and as if they can never discover what he did).The fears of years, like a mordacious whip, Had cut grooves too deeply crossways our backs. The years and years of slavery, torture and demutualization of black raft is too ingrained into the accepted (sasss) black populations minds and they feel as if they are not brave enough, smart enough, or important enough to take a stand and make the kind of changes that MILK had once done. The poem is written in mostly iambic pentameter. Lambs are how people speak in everyday spiritedness so with it being written in iambs it makes the poem seem regular and not poetic. The poem sounds like a talk you would hear f you were to listen in on prisoners talking. The dialect of the poem likewise gives it more of a natural feel. The endorser feels as if theyre knowledge an excerpt from a prison conversation rather than reading a poem. No rhyme evasion is detected in the poem- except for 4 lines. The author adds two couplets in the ascendant and the middle of the poem. He does this to reinforce the token what he is trying to get across within these lines. The break in the regulation flow and rhythm of the poem with these couplets grabs the oversight of the rea der and makes them focus on what the lines have to say.

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Comparison and Contrast on Theory XY and Z Essay

Douglas McGregor suggested that there ar two several(predicate) ways in which we washstand numerate at break awayers attitudes toward turn over. Each of these views, which McGregor called possibleness X and scheme Y, has implications for commission. possible action X ( prideful vigilance style)-People do not in reality like to work and get out repress it if at all possible so they must be coerced, controlled, directed, flagellumened with penalty to get them to work.-The average worker avoids responsibility, is unambitious and privations security much than anything else.-Management found on possible action X is paternalistic at best and, at very least, authoritarian.-Rewards and penalty argon assumed in this possibleness to be the key to employee productivity.Theory X animal trainers believe that workers are only incite by one thing money. They are selfish, lazy and hate work. They need to be closely controlled and directed.Theory Y (participative management s tyle)The theory Y is to some period the opposite image of X-Effort in work is as natural as rest and play.-People will apply obstinance and self-direction in the pursuit of organisational objectives, and the external control or the threat of punishment is not the only room of getting them to work.-Commitment to objectives is a function of rewards associated with their achievement. The intimately important reward satisfaction of their accept ego needs.-People usually accept and a good disperse seek responsibility.-Creativity, ingenuity, and imagination are astray distri just nowed among the population. People are capable of apply these abilities to solve an organizational problem.-In modern patience the intellectual potential of the average soulfulness is only partly utilized.Theory Y conductors believe that Workers are motivated by many different factors apart from money. They extol their work and they will happily shorten on responsibility and pay off decisions for th e business.Theory z William OuchiTheory Z makes arroganceed assumptions about workers People tend to want to build cooperative and intimate work relationships with those that they work for and with, as soundly as the people that work for them. They bring forth a high need to be bemuse by the company, and highly value a working environment in which such(prenominal) things as family, cultures and traditions, and social institutions are regarded as equally important as the work itself. They have a very well developed sense of order, discipline, moral covenant to work hard, and a sense of viscidity with their fellow workers. Finally, Theory Z workers trick be trusted to do their supposes to their design ability, so long as management can be trusted to support them and look out for their well beingness. atomic number 53 of the best aspects of theory Z is the semipermanent employment which would appeal to Americans because they want job security. The collective decision maki ng will create a good work environment and increase productivity. Something that Americans wont like is the slow evaluation and promotion. Americans feignt like to wait long time before they can get a promotion and they would rather get a new job instead. Another capital benefit is that the company will have holistic concern for you and your family.Theory Z also places much(prenominal) reliance on the attitude and responsibilities of the workers, whereas McGregors XY theory is mainly focused on management and need from the managers and organizations perspective.Comparison & ContrastDouglas McGregor tends to reason people as one sheath or another either being unwilling or unmotivated to work, or being self-motivated towards work. Threats and disciplinary action are thought to be used more effectively in this situation, although monetary rewards can also be a bill motivator to make Theory X workers produce more. William Ouchi believes that people are innately self-moti vated to not only do their work, provided are loyal towards the company, and want to make the company succeed.Theory X attracters would be more authoritarian, while Theory Y leaders would be more participative. But in two cases it seems that the managers would tranquillize retain a swell deal of control.Theory Z managers would have to have a great deal of trust that their workers could make sound decisions. Therefore, this type of leader is more likely to act as coach, and let the workers make around of the decisions.As mentioned above, McGregors managers, in both cases, would seem to keep most of the position and authority. In the case of Theory Y, the manager would take suggestions from workers, but would keep the office staff to implement the decision. Theory Z suggests that the managers ability to exercise force and authority comes from the workers bank management to take care of them, and pull up stakes them to do their jobs. The workers have a great deal of input an d weight in the decision making process.Conflict in the Theory Z arena would affect a great deal of discussion, collaboration, and negotiation. The workers would be the ones solving the conflicts, while the managers would play more of a third party arbiter role. This type of manager efficacy be more likely to exercise a great deal of Power based conflict resolution style, especially with the Theory X workers. Theory Y workers might be given the opportunity to keep Negotiating strategies to solve their own differences.Theory Z emphasizes more frequent performance appraisals, but slower promotions, while according to Theory X, appraisals occur on a level(p) basis. Promotions also occur on a regular basis.

Analysis of Bandura’s cognitive theory Essay

Introduction The study of merciful doings or behaviorism focuses on attributes of forgivingity that atomic number 18 discernible, measurable and which nookie be manipulated. The emphasis of behaviorism is on experimental methods and avoids attributes that are subjective, internal or unavailable. The experimental method involves the manipulation of whizz variable and measurement of its effect on another variable. It is from the study of variable and make that a Canadian psychologist, Albert Bandura found the cognitive possible action (or accessible cognitive hypothesis) (Bandura, 2006).Bandura for vitrine observed aggressive behavior in adolescents and opined that the aggressiveness is bring ind by the environment in which the adolescents grow. On the other hand, he to a fault realized that behavior causes an environment as well. Thus, since behavior and environment are causes and effects of each other, Bandura referred to the concept as commons determinism (Bandura1986 ). In short, Banduras possibleness was base on the fact that the world and a persons character (behavior) come across each other (Bandura, 1986).While it would come forth that the environment was the cause of behavior and individualizedity, Bandura in like manner realized that personality is an interaction of a persons psychological responses in relation to the environment (Bandura, 2006). The psychological work ates brood of the compassionate beings ability to entertain different images and languages. Thus, the cognitive theory is built on two requirement principles.The first one is a modeling for explaining how different personalities function, whereas the other one addresses the fount of variables (that is the elements of analysis) on which the personality theory should be centred (Bandura, 2006). In analysis of the influence of interchangeable determinism, Bandura categorically uses the word determinism to imply the survey in which effects are produced by events (Bandura, 2006). However, this assurance does not mean that a human beings actions vacate from straightforward and bodeable chains of cause and consequence.Rather, it implies that events produce effects by medical prognosis. As a government issue, the probability or chance of an event producing an effect is emphasized in Banduras cognitive theory (Bandura, 2006). maybe the most signifi green goddesst expectation of Banduras theory is the way in which the theory treats behavior. Unlike many other a priori frameworks, this theory has equal action on both the input of the personality and the outfit of personality (Bandura, 1986). In essence, Banduras opinion is that a persons actions and the final result effects shape the persons aptitude, feelings and belief in one self (Bandura, 2006).For example, many behaviorist theories depict scant curiosity in self-process because the theorists assume that human functioning is caused by external input rather than the internal stimul us which is hardly considered as transmitting rather than causing behavior (Bandura, 1986). This paper critically evaluates the illustrious possesss of Banduras cognitive theory and discusses in detail the view summit of the Bandura at the while of functionulation of the theory and the theorys subsequent modification.The paper will as well as appraise the strengths and weaknesses of the theory based on the discussion. Analysis of the salient features of Banduras cognitive theory The most notable feature of Banduras kind cognitive theory is the concept of reciprocal determinism (Bandura, 1986). Reciprocal determinism is a phenomenon that implies the causes and effects of different actions on behavior and environment and how they affect each other.Thus, Banduras theory was based on the point that personal factors in the form of lore, biologic events and affect, behavior and environmental factors create interfaces that result in a triadic reciprocality as illustrated in Figure 1. Figure 1 The foundation of Banduras (1986) concept of the social cognitive theory. Source Created from the description by Bandura (2006) Bandura modified the label of his theory from the common perspective of social learning to social cognitive in order to quad it from the common social learning theories of his date (Bandura, 1986).He also wanted to mark emphasis on the idea that cognition plays a significant lineament in peoples capability to progress reality, regulate their personality, encode information and pageant other kinds of behavior. According to Bandura (1971), the reciprocal form of the determinants of individual human functioning in social cognitive theory enables serve such as therapeutic and discuss efforts to be rendered with focus on personal environment or behavioral factors as illustrated in the diagram above.Based on this, strategies to improve a persons well-being can be aimed at ameliorating the emotional, cognitive and motivational process of the h uman being (Bandura, 1986). The focus can also be on alter behavioral capabilities or changing the communal conditions under which people live and work. As an example, teachers in schools have a parting to not only improve their students donnish learning and confidence, but also get ahead their (students) self-beliefs and habits of thinking.Hence, teachers and students have to embrace all the components of Banduras triadic expression of cognitive theory. As in front mentioned, Banduras social cognitive theory sets itself aside from other theories that overemphasize the role played by environmental factors in the development of human behavior (Bandura, 1986 Bandura, 2006). These theories are often dismissed since they have the supernumerary factor of cause and effect that is pathetic in the context of evaluating the psychological aspect of human beings.Thus according to Bandura, psychology per se without a clear introspection cannot purport to explain the complexities of huma n intricacies of human functioning. Bandura (1986) further noted it is by evaluating their give conscious minds that people discern their stimulate psychological processes. Therefore, in order to predict how the human behavior is affected by environmental outcomes, it is imperative that the individuals cognitive process and how he or she interprets the outcomes be understood.