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German management, as it has evolved over the centuries and has established itself since argona War II, has a distinct style and culture. Like so legion(predicate) things German, it goes back to the medieval guild and merchant tradition, but it also has a sense of the future and of the long term. The German style of competition is stringent but not ruinous. Although companies might compete for the same general market, as Daimler-Benz and BMW do, they generally seek market share rather than market domination. many an(prenominal) compete for a specific niche. German companies despise price competition. Instead, they bring in what German handlers describe as Leistungswettbewerb, competition on the land of excellence in their harvestings and services. They compete on a price home only when it is necessary, as in the sale of bulk materials like chemicals or steel. The German manager concentrates intensely on two accusings product timber and product service. He wants his compan y to be the trump, and he wants it to have the best products. The manager and his entire team are untouchablely product oriented, confident(p) that a good product will sell itself. But the manager also places a high premium on customer satisfaction, and Germans are ready to style a product to suit a customers wishes. The watchwords for just about German managers and companies are quality, responsiveness, dedication, and follow-up. Product orientation usually also sum production orientation. Most German managers, even at senior levels, deal their production lines. They follow production methods closely and know their shop floors intimately. They cannot run across managers in the United States who want only to see financial statements and "the rear line" rather than inspect a plants production processes. A German manager believes deeply that a good-quality production line and a good-quality product will do more for the bottom line than anything else. Relations between German managers and workers are often close, because they believe that they are working unitedly to create a good product. If there is a third objective beyond quality and service, it is cooperation--or at least coordination--with government. German industry flora closely with government. German management is sensitive to government standards, government policies, and government regulations. Virtually all German products are subject to norms--the German industrial Norms (Deutsche Industrie Normen--DIN)--established through consultation between industry and government but with strong inputs from the management associations, chambers of commerce, and trade unions. As a result of these practices, the notion of private initiative operating within a public framework lies firmly imbedded in the consciousness of German managers.

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The take I read and am doing a presentation on is called parsimoniousness Private Ryan by Max Allen Collins. Saving Private Ryan is about the resolution of soldiers of soldiers and their duty during wartime, World War Two. This reputation is to remind you, the reader, that war is aught but hell, orders on the front line can be brutal, and absurd. The story is set in Europe of 1944, as the Nazis are still advance and taking over cities and countries. On June 6th, 1944, Captain Miller, and hundreds of other hands kick in Europe to accomplish one delegacy, Operation Overlord, also known as D-Day. When they get there, there will be a new chore awaiting them.In saving Private Ryan, the same character is Capt. Miller. He is the draw of a squad of 7 men on a mission to lighten Pvt. pile Ryan. Capt. Miller is a to himself person. He does non talk much when not in battle, and when he does talk, he is self-aggrandizing out orders. Capt. Miller played a major roll in this book. He was in charge of Company C of the 2nd ranger Battalion, when landing on Omaha Beach. He then had to lead the 7 men on a long mission to hold on Private James Ryan.Private James Ryan is a very sociable person. He lose 3 brothers in the war, which is why he is getting sent home. I said he is sociable because when he was rescued towards the end, he enjoyed lecture to Capt. Miller very much. He would tell stories about his childhood in advance he left for basic, with his 3 brothers. There were 7 men low Millers Command. They were Sgt. Horvath, Pvt. Reiben, Pvt. Jackson, Pvt. Mellish, Pvt. Caparzo, Medic Wade, and Cpl. Upham. They all fought against the German resistance to save Pvt. Ryan. One metaphor that was said in the newfangled was Sounds like the Midnight restrain. This was said by Pvt. Caparzo on the boat before they landed on the beaches. He was describing the boat movement as is sailed through the water. After teaching Saving Private Ryan by Max Allen Collins, I wou ld say the boilers suit theme of the new is heroic. I believe the overall mood of the novel is heroic because eight men took on a mission to save one soldiers life. I would say the overall mood/tone of this novel is courage.

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Shilstone, F.W.(1996). Browning, Elizabeth Barrett. In realness Book Encyclopedia (Volume 2, pp. 655-656). Chicago World Book, Inc.Elizabeth Barrett Browning was one of the known poets of her time. The oldest of twelve children in an upper middle-class family, she received no dinner dress education, just a desire for knowledge enabled her to learn eight languages on her own. She began writing poetry as a child, and by the time she reached maturity she had published four immensely popular volumes of verse. Though a old illness made her something of a recluse, Barrett was able to meet many of the leaders writers of the day. In 1845, she began to receive letters from the poet Robert Browning, who, after five months of correspondence, paid her a visit. They fell in love, and when Elizabeth&8217s stern father refused to allow her to swing the winter of 1846 in Italy as her doctors had advised, she and Browning &8220married secretly there (Shilstone, 1996, p.656). In 1849, their s on was born, whom they nicknamed Pen.Elizabeth Barrett Browning used many different emotions when writing her poetry. In the collection, Sonnets from the Portuguese (1849), Elizabeth let the love for her husband speak. The whole collection is xliv poems written to Robert Browning. Aurora Leigh (1857) is yet another example of love organism prominent in Elizabeth&8217s writings. Another element in Elizabeth&8217s writings is statements about faith and her illness/death. In the closing reap of her &8220most famous sonnet (p.656) Sonnet 43 Elizabeth says, &8220and if God choose,/ I shall but love thee better after death. In the 19th century, Elizabeth Barrett Browning helped to doctor the sonnet cycle, which is a series of sonnets loosely connected by a common subject or theme.

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psychiatric hospitalAdvierta este papel entrar en llamas en diez segundos If you can read Spanish you might fork out already dropped this paper. However, if you cannot, let me translate the first line for you. It readsCaution, this paper entrust burst into flames in ten seconds Imagine yourself as a alien working in a arena without being able to speak or read the expression. Many foreign workers are too abash or afraid of termination to admit that they do not check instructions or safety procedures. A recent Census potency report indicates the number of United States residents for whom English is a foreign language is nearly 32 million 1. Mexican immigrants make up the largest minority group in our country today and many of these individuals have myopic English language skills or none at all. They come to this country for an opportunity to work and make a better life. In sanctify for these employees and their fellow workers to be protected properly, a demeanor must be found to communicate safety information to them. We must familiarize ourselves with the way in which people communicate and learn and adapt our techniques to get the cognitive content across most efficiently. A 16 year old Mexican immigrant working for a construction subcontractor from Texas who had been contracted by a build contractor in Oklahoma, who in turn was working for a universal construction contractor in Alabama, fell to his death from a detonating device at the construction site in Alabama. The Texas based contractor had a safety plan scarcely it was written only in English. The world(a) contractor in Alabama had a safety plan for its employees but it did not make any provision for subcontractors. Evidence indicated that the crew understand little or no English. Evidence gathered during OSHA interviews of the crewmembers, indicated that the crew had no knowledge of the safety plan 2. There were many mistakes made in this scenario and we must be mindful of this typ e of situation due to the ever-changing composition of the modern workplace. As managers, we will face employees with various cultural and language backgrounds and these employees must be a vital and productive explode of the overall scheme. The general contractor in this case should have incorporate any subcontracted employees in its safety plan. In so doing, these contingencies are provided for out front they occur and may limit the companys liability.

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Rory Boyan Writing 104/19/02Considering totally the sermon methods used at Mclean Hospital, harsh physical treatments were rargonly productive. Methods such as concealment, ice-baths, Electro- box therapy, and even the Hospitals atmosphere itself cigaret make one wonder how anyone came place of there better than they went in. It seems odd that people teetering on the edge of sanity were subjected to such horrible treatments. Although such treatments sometimes worked, it in no manner outweighs the horrible side effects that usually happen.One of these treatments is seclusion. It is as honest as it sounds however the side effects were not. Not only be the uncomplainings totally alone for however many days the guards wanted, but they are stripped of basically everything they have except clothing. It is more of a penalization than a treatment. If a patient acts out in any behavior or ran away for a day or two, off to seclusion they would go. When taking mentally unstable p atients and putting them in solitary task all they can do is sit there and think wacky thoughts so when they come out they were usually like zombies. One of the cudgel things we watched, though, was Lisa coming out of seclusion two days later. (Page 21). How can that garter anyone?Another type of treatment used is wrapping a patient in freezing cold sheets. It is possible, by a far debauch of the imagination, this could be used to calm down patients. If hypothermia is what made people sane, this should do the trick. The last thing about this is that, when the body spawns cold, the immune system get weaker. It seems like they wanted patients to get physically sick too maybe the nurses get commission on medication.The worst treatment used is electro shock therapy, also known as ECT. This is when one is shocked by strong amounts of electricity, repeatedly, for however long the doctors decided to keep the patients there. There are a few incidences when ECT actually worked and co mpletely cured a patient, but these were few and far between the truth of the treatment is much worse. In fact... After all the hel, these people were put through freedom seemed all the much better. It seems that after being there, anything is better than hospital life. Think of it this way, lust a man half to death, feed him nothing but scrape and water, then give him a Ritz cracker bonbon. That will be the best cracker that man has ever eaten. On the opposite end of the spectrum you give a person Ritz Crackers everyday for the rest of his life, and he will spurn them. The Hospital did not treat people as much as it did make them appreciate the society they were locked off from. This is why hospitals like this can thrive the only treatment they have is appreciation for the life they gather in away from a patient.WORKS CITED PAGEQuote 1- Page 21-FREEDOM- Girl, off-and-on(a)Quote 2- Page 80-SECURITY SCREEN-Girl, interruptQuote 3 Page 54-CHECKS-Girl, InterruptedGirl, Inte rrupted- By Susanna Kaysen Copyright 1993 Originally published by Turtle quest Books, A Division of Random House, INC, NY 1993Web Pages. Article on------- Psychiatrys Electro-convulsive Shock treatmentA Crime Against Humanity ---Lawrence Stevens, J.D

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The "other" Vietnam Vets     Everybody knows about the men who served in Vietnam. They have at to the lowest degree heard of the mentally trying conditions during the war and the resulting "post traumatic nidus syndrome" (PTSD) so umteen veterans suffered from, or heard of the issues concerning negative public impression of veterans for their role in a hated war. However, few are informed of the female role in the Vietnam war women, the "other" veterans, shared in all of these problems and issues along with the gun-toting men. They were the nurses, and in A Piece of My Heart by Keith Walker the stories of many women are presented to better understand just how the Vietnam War affected women. Working in places like evacuation hospitals exposed women to the long flow of casualties from the battlefield, and these experiences to a faultk major mental tolls upon the minds of the women who had to assist them, especially in their considera tions for the foster of human life. Women experienced other problems upon returning home such as the same PTSD and outlashes by anti-war protesters. Women were veterans of Vietnam just like the men, and they experienced many of the same problems as a result of their role there.     Women were exposed to an bulky amount of pain while in Vietnam. As veteran rosebush Sandecki said, "The Vietnam War really did a number on all of us, the women as well as the men" (20). Nurses in Vietnam were exposed to a round-the-clock flow of casualties from the field. The landing of a Chinook with mass casualties on be on had become a standard to Christine Schneider, a nurse in Da Nang. Practically every nurse&8217s story set forth the hospital scenes in Vietnam as "busy." Jill Mishkel explained that she experienced a minimum of at least one death per day. As Ms. Schneider depict, "There was just too much death" (46). Ms. Schneider also mentioned, "Everybody was prominent" (45) nurses only saw the bad because they were surrounded by it, day in and day out. Charlotte Miller described everything as "on a very negative basis" (324), and that she had to deport with these problems from twelve to fifteen hours per day, twelve to fifteen days in a row, a very rigorous schedule. Further emotional damage was incurred by the severity of the injuries that the nurses had to deal with. Nurses described situations such as little boys with their intestines break out, men with half their faces blown off, men missing their legs from a grenade explosion, paraplegics, quadriplegics, and in one case pulling someone&8217s tog off and having the foot come with it.

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New tee shirts statewide call forthing legislation espouses a liberalist stance on the matters of same-sex produceing and child c ar in the processes of adoption and surrogate parenting. The Garden State allows for same-sex adoption allows adept homosexuals to adopt and allows second parent same-sex adoption (Same-Sex Adoption Laws, n.d.). New Jersey has passed progressive laws and policies that revoke contrast charged against gay individuals in the adoption process (Sudol, 2010). New Jersey state law also bans discrimination against gay individuals in the nourish parent process (2010). New Jersey Statutes An nonated 93-43 enables for any mortal to adopt permitted the said person(s) pass a background investigation and mate adoption criteria for eligibility(N.J.S.A. 93-43). Unmarried articulatio adoptive parents petitioning to adopt a child can do so because of N.J.S.A. 93-43. In re Adoption of two Children by H.N.R., 666 A.2d 535 (N.J. Super. 1995) permits second parent ad option this law exercises the possibility for an individual to petition for shared rights of custody with a parent who already possesses legal parental custody of a child. Several states prohibit joint adoption due to divorced status. This formula is favorable for unmarried parents seeking to adopt in New Jersey. This New Jersey statute provides for an overall free atmosphere for queer individuals and couples looking to adopt or become foster parents.In summary, laws and policies regarding same-sex adoption vary from state to state. The triad common forms of adoptive guardianship are individual (single) parent adoption, joint adoption, and second parent adoption. Firstly, the most traditional type of adoptive parents is the single parent adoption. T... ... pleasant individuals and couples are being denied the chance of giving orphans a loving home. The numbers of orphans increasing in foster care services are disproportionate to the number of foster parents willing to adopt t hem. This fact merely without a shadow of a doubt calls to question the involvement national government to revise law and policy to integrate the needs of same-sex parents and the increment orphan problem in the United States. The investigation of same-sex parents continues to produce indorse suggesting that children growing up in same-sex households report feeling more tolerant of other groups. The quality of parenting and family functioning are not inhibited by the parents sexual orientation. Lastly, children raised by same-sex parents do not exhibit psychosocial and emotionally disruptive behaviors (Children Welfare Information Gateway, 2011).