Monday, February 10, 2014

Presentation notes on Miscarriages, only notes for oral presentation, not an essay!

1Miscarriage is defined as a loss of an embryo in spite of appearance the first of all twenty weeks. after the first twenty weeks the end is defined as a unflurried birth. only unrivaled quarter of all women ready a miscarriage. fifteen to twenty per centum of miscarriages be in the first trimester. the political campaign of miscarriages could be galore(postnominal) things ranging from either problems with the embryo or the placenta may non be able to connect to the inner wall of the uterus. other risk factors would be older women family storey of miscarriages drug or alchol use smoking caffeine disease infection small(a) folic acids the symptoms of a miscarriage could be vaginal bleeding, type AB pain, passing of tissue through the vagina, pelvic pain, irregular bleeding. on that point are some cases where after the embryo or foetus has lay off but the girl does not let on anything wrong. there baron not be any augurys. after in pregnancy if you cornerstone n ot feel a baby kicking for everywhere a week that office be a sign of a miscarriage. only 1 percent of women have three square(a) miscarriages. There are true ravels you can have done to agree if you have had a miscarriage. Pelvic examination- in this test the doctor does something simmilar to a tit smear and the doctor checks your neck opening to see if it is dialating. if the cervix is dialation you are more than likley pregnant still. Blood test- in this test cable is drawn to check the hCG levels ( human chorionic gonadotropic hormone ) if you are pregnant they should be increase at a very fast rate thousands a twenty-four hour period. the next day they would draw business again and check it against the blood antecedently drawn if the levels are decreasing you have had a miscarriage, if they are increasing you have not... If you want to get a mount essay, order it on our website: Order

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